Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sorry gang... in case you haven't heard, I was in a car accident on April 19. I'm OK, but pretty bruised up, and I'm gonna take the next few weeks easy. That means postponing the race, perhaps until June, or fall. I'll send out details once Maria and I figure them out. Thanks, and sorry for dangling the promise of the race, only to yank it away!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Join In and SPRING L.A. -- MAY 3!

Hello, members of the Blog-LA-Sphere. To celebrate our 5th blogiversary, we're bringing back our competitive race around Los Angeles on Saturday, MAY 3. But this time, we're looking to invite L.A. bloggers to join in, either as competitors or to assist us in conducting the race.

If you're looking to compete, here's the twist: We're going to be putting together the six-person teams. That means you and a friend will be paired with someone else and their friend... and someone else and their friend. (But this being the Blog-LA-Sphere, you may know them anyway, or at least know OF them.) The goal, of course, is to bring this little slice of the blogging world closer together, and have some fun doing it. (The other rub: In this race, contestants will only be allowed to use the Metro. Or their two feet.)

But if you're not interested in racing around town with strangers -- or just aren't up to the whole racing part, we're also looking for people to plan out and execute challenges to run our contestants through the ringer. You've probably seen "The Amazing Race" -- we want people to earn their clues, just like on the show. Make them eat something disgusting. Or find something at an obscure store and truck it to another obscure location. Have some fun with it.

OK, so here we go: Wanna race? Wanna be in charge of a challenge? Either way, please email me this week at

If you want to race, spaces are limited, so contact me ASAP. And also let me know who your partner will be. After we get all the entries, we'll start putting together teams, and let you know beforehand, in case you want to meet up and plan what you're gonna wear, etc.

If you want to be in charge of a challenge, put on your creative thinking cap and let me know what your idea is. The location has to be within fair running distance of a Metro stop -- Red, Purple, Gold, Green, Blue and Orange lines are all game, so that's a pretty wide playing field (Downtown, Pasadena, NELA, Hollywood, North Hollywood, West Valley, etc. Long Beach and the outer reaches of the Orange line may be too far, however -- we don't want our players stuck on the train all day.)

Thanks, L.A. Bloggers!

Mike @ Franklin Avenue